What is the process to start a poha making business
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-07-24 11:35:52

A process to start Poha making business

If you start the business of making Poha from home, then you do not have to do many processes inside it, in the previous blog we learned about what are the required field to start a poha making business You can start the business with raw materials at home by hand, but if you do business on a large scale, then start according to a process inside it. For this, many activities have to be done like area analysis, land selection, project plan, registration, financial arrangement, etc. All the work has to be done according to a process.

Analyze the area: -             

If you want to start any business, first of all, it is necessary to analyze the area, under Area Analysis, research is done within the area where you are thinking of doing business, everything has to be known like How many plants are there already, what kind of products are they making, how much is the price of their product, can you price less than that and find out everything that is the demand of the customer.

Land Selection: -

After doing Area Analysis, the location has to be selected, and keep in mind that there should be a good road facility and water facility and electricity facility at that location and there should be a lot of land. If you have such a location and own land, it is absolutely right, but you do not have such a location, then look for such land where land is available cheap and all facilities will be available on that land.

Project Plan: -

When the location is selected, then prepares your business plan and inside this plan put all the things that have to be done inside the business like how much investment will have to be made, which machine will have to be brought, who will come. All such things should be included in the business plan that will make the product.

Financial Arrangement:

When the business plan is ready, the financial arrangement must be done because nothing can be done without investment.

License & Registration:-

When the investment is done, then apply for the license because if Poha is to be manufactured and sold under a brand name (Trademark registration), then the license should be required for this. And also you will need FSSAI Registration online for quality surety.

Machinery Purchasing:

 When the business license is obtained, buy the machine for business because no business can be done without machinery.

Electricity Fitting and Machinery Installation: -

After taking machinery, do Electricity Fitting for them and then install the machine.

Worker Hire: -

 After doing all the things, you can start your business after bringing a worker according to your business.

What is the process of Poha manufacturing?

Poha Manufacturing or Making Process: -

  • Poha can be made easily after installing the machine.
  • Clean the most paddies you have bought because stones or pebbles can be found in them.
  • After cleaning the paddy thoroughly, keep it in hot water for forty minutes and then take it out and dry them.
  • When it dries, put the paddy in the roaster machine and peel them off.
  • After removing the peels, they are put in the poha making machine and they take the shape of poha. In this way your poha is ready.
  • You can pack them and sell them in the market.

How much profit will be made in the business of making poha?

Profit In Poha Making Business:- If the right work is done within a month, then about one thousand quintals of poha can be prepared, which costs about 10 lakh rupees and its cost will be about 8 lakh rupees, thus earning rupees two lakh per month. If you can do more production then there will be more profitable.

Take a Loan For Poha Making Business:

 If Poha Making Business is started from home, then there is no need for a loan for this but if this business is done on a large scale, then you can take a loan for this, on behalf of the Government of India, people are being given “Mudra Loan” for doing business. In which you can also take Mudra Loan to do Poha's business, for this you have to go to their office and give details of your business, you have to give details about what is needed in the business of making Poha and those things. You will also have to write how much money will be required to buy, after that you will have to submit your application.

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