What to use in place of restricted single-use plastic
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-02-26 09:51:02

Many efforts are being made by the Prime Minister of our country to fulfill the most important wish of the Father of the Nation, 'Swachh Bharat'. One of them is to ban single-use plastic. Yes, Modi Ji has taken this very important decision on the 150th anniversary of the Father of the Nation of our country. However, many people are facing difficulties due to this. Especially, some factories which manufacture this kind of plastic are having an impact on them. Also, those who are small and big traders who sell this kind of plastic have also had a bad effect on them. But in such a situation, let us tell you that they do not have to deal with this kind of trouble. Because we are going to give information about some business opportunities here so that you can start your new business by using banned plastic, which will benefit you a lot.

What are Restricted Single-Use Plastics?

The list of single-use plastic that has been banned by the central government is as follows -

  • PET or PETE bottles of drinking water of fewer than 200 ML of liquid capacity,
  • Plastic mineral water pouches,
  • Plastic bags (both with handles and without handles),
  • Products like disposable and thermocol (polystyrene) or products made of plastic such as dishes, cups, plates, spoons, forks, bowls, containers, etc.
  • Disposable dishes or bowls and straws used for packaging food items in hotels
  • Any food plastic bag for handling solid waste, except for plant nurseries, gardens, agriculture, etc.
  • Some items made of plastic and thermocol used for decoration purposes, etc.

What to use in place of restricted single-use plastic?

You can use the following types of products in place of closed plastic such as -

  • You can use a bottle made of clay or ceramic, stainless steel, multi-coated plastic or plant-based plastic, boxed water or paper, etc. in place of a plastic 200ML bottle and pouch, which means that you can use a bottle that is reused. To bring in
  • You can use reusable or expired bags such as clothes, jute bags, canvas, polypropylene green bags, and biodegradable plastic bags, instead of single-use plastic bags with handles or without handles.
  • Apart from disposable and thermocol plates, bowls, cutlery items, cups, glasses, etc., for you, different types of leaves, plates, spoons, cups, and cups made of leaves, glass and wood, and stainless steel utensils, etc. It would be better to use.

New business opportunities on restricted plastics

Above we have given you information about what kind of products you can use instead of single-use plastic product. But please inform us that some new business opportunities have also been opened for you by manufacturing and selling some of the products used in place of these banned plastic products. Whose information is given on the basis of a few points below, let's look at them -

The business of manufacturing multi-coded plastic bottles: - You can open a new factory for the manufacture of large and small multi-coded plastic bottles. Where you will need a machine and some raw materials to make such plastic bottles. But if you already have a plastic bag or bottle-making factory which is now closed, you can think of starting this business in the same factory. You will benefit from this that you will not have to invest too much in it. Due to the closure of a single-use plastic bottle, people will use this type of bottle more. One of the main reasons for this is that it is quality. You can also take it along on the journey. People can use this kind of plastic bottle more than once. So this business can be much better for you.

The business of pottery: - If you are a potter, then this business will be very good for you because you must know the art of making pottery. Yes, you can make and sell similar items like big and small plates, bowls, cups, glasses, etc. of ceramic. Apart from this, you can also do the business of manufacturing small ax made of clay; this is going to benefit you a lot because the demand for it can increase very much in the coming time.

The business of making paper cups and glasses: - It would be better for you to start a business of making or selling disposable products instead of paper or paper made cups and glasses and some similar products. Because the sale of disposable glasses and cups has been banned these days, people will now use products made from paper or other things. So this business can also take you to the path of profit.

Dona pattal making a trade you can build these leaves and both from home very easily and sell them in the market. This is a very profitable business in very micro-investment because the leaves will be obtained from people from any garden or place of trees and plants. Actually, if people have a party of hundreds of people here and they need disposable items to eat their food, which has now been discontinued, so the use of both sides and plates is more in the middle of the people. Therefore, it will give you a better business opportunity.

The business of wooden utensils: - The business opportunity can be proved very good by making some wooden utensils and selling them. Because wooden utensils can be used more than once. You can manufacture wooden bowls, plates, glasses, spoons, etc. of different sizes and can also trade by selling them. This business can also take you to the path of profit. Although you may have trouble in the beginning that you have to spend more on it, but later you can benefit from this business, so it is also one of the best businesses for you.

The business of giving steel utensils on rent: - The way people order a large pot of tents and use it when they are having a party at home, in the same way, you can make steel utensils like small and big plates, You can start the business of renting bowls, glasses, spoons, etc. In this, you will have to invest to buy utensils. After this, you can take orders from people and give utensils for rent. Disposal items may increase their demand after being banned, so this can be a very good opportunity for you to make a profit.

The business of making biodegradable plastic bags: - After talking about utensils, now we talk about plastic bags. There are some plastics in the market which are soluble or can be eliminated. Such plastics are called biodegradable plastics. You can start a new business by manufacturing or selling such plastic. The use of such plastic bags in place of single-use plastic bags can increase in greater quantity, so starting this business can be a profitable deal for you. For this, you may need some necessary raw materials and machines, in which you will have to invest. But after that, it will definitely give you profits.

The business of making reusable bags: - You can start the business of reusable bags like cloth, jute, canvas, paper bags. Such bags are eco-friendly bags, there is no harm to nature. In today's time, the demand for such bags is also very high. And the best thing is that this kind of bag is manufactured by you sitting at home.

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