Why Fssai Registration is Required to start a Bakery shop
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-07-13 04:11:14

FSSAI in simple words:
FSSAI is a certificate or license that provide authorization to sale food product without any problem in a simple and common way from the shops, homes, restaurants and hotels etc.
Is FSSAI Registration and FSSAI license same?
No, both the FSSAI Registration and FSSAI License are not same. Registration is needed to start a food business and License is needed to go without any problem.
What is FSSAI?
Food safety and standard authority is a department of safety who give authorization to the food operators to start a business of food like bakery, restaurant etc.
Why a bakery shop needs to take FSSAI registration?
It is a rule of FSSAI that says every department of food whatever it is needed to take FSSAI registration before start a business related to food. Food safety department hives both the license and registration to operate food business with authorization.
After getting FSSAI Registration what is the next step to start a bakery shop?
After getting a FSSAI Registration the next step is you will need to get a GST Registration online and then you will need to take Shop act registration and then you can start a shop of bakery.
What kinds of products I can sale in the bakery shop according to the registration?
According to the registration of FSSAI a bakery manager or operator can sale any kind of food products that can be sold into a bakery like-Pizza bread, breads, pastry, cake,  cold drinks, paties etc. can be sold with this registration.
Why FSSAI License is required?
FSSAI license is required to show on the shop to the officers who came to check the food.
What are the responsibilities of the food shop manager?
It is the main and major responsibility of the food shop manager that he must need to take and authorized their business under rules of FSSAI to continue the business with the terms and conditions.
Is it necessary to take FSSAI Registration if I already have FSSAI License?
Yes, it is necessary to take FSSAI registration if you already have FSSAI license because both are different from each other.
If a food business holder does not take FSSAI registration then what will be the effect of it on his business?
If a food business holder does not take FSSAI registration then it will imposed a negative effect on his business. They will not continue their business without registration. It will harm on his business.
What are the positive impact of FSSAI registration on business?
The main and common positive effect of FSSAI registration is the business holder can continue their business without any problem. They will assure their customers with the help of this certificate about their food quality.

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