Why is it Necessary to take FSSAI registration in India?
Shambhavi Sharma / 2021-04-05 07:51:38

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India FSSAI registration is a legal requirement that ensures the safety of food products supplied or manufactured by various establishments in India. It is essentially a food safety certificate issued by the appropriate Indian food authority.
 The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), formed under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, is the governing body in charge of food security. Before starting any food business in India, you must first obtain an FSSAI licence. All food traders, distributors, and restaurants must obtain a 14-digit licence number, which must be written on their food items.
Role of FSSAI
FSSAI has roles like-
  1. Certifying and issuing license to the food processing and producing businesses.
  2. To ensure the protection of people in relation to food, it is responsible for food processing, storage, distribution, sales, and import.
  3. Setting food quality standards.
  4. Creates awareness about food safety across the nation.
Importance of FSSAI License
Food is regarded as a delicate topic because it directly affects the health of customers. This is why the FSSAI adheres to stringent food safety laws and regulations. It is your duty to ensure that your food product is safe and non-harmful in any way.
A Food Licence's aim is to chemically test the food served by a company in order to protect consumers from poisonous/adulterated food. Many claims of food adulteration and the use of low-cost, unhealthy products have been levied against the food industry. You won't have to deal with those accusations if you have a food licence. The FSSAI licence certifies that your food is both harmless and healthy. It is perfectly safe to eat and poses no health risks.
Consumers are becoming more vigilant of this digital era, and they are ensuring that all of the food they eat is healthy and of good quality. They are ensuring that the restaurant where they eat has a food licence and a guarantee from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). It is a common misconception that obtaining an FSSAI permit is expensive, but this is not the case. The fines are greater than the expense of the licence. As a result, having a food licence is still a good idea. You can use the FSSAI logo for advertising if you have a food licence, which will pull in a lot of business. You can also extend the company into various nations.
The safety of food remains one of the most important factor in consumers choosing and ignoring any brand. In order to have any standing in the market, the business must have all the necessary licensing from FSSAI as well as other concerned authorities.

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