5 Appreciable Decision of ESIC to fight covid-19
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-27 07:58:18

 As we are seeing in the news channels and reading in the newspapers, the corona of the corona is increasing day by day and the administration is trying one by one to fight it, the government has announced many relief packages during such period. At the same time, ESI has taken many types of decisions that deserve praise. There have 5 appreciable decisions of ESIC to fight Covid-19.

Before going further we will clear it that only those people can get benefits from these Decisions who have ESIC Registration.

ESIC's contribution to fighting COVID-19

1. Permit of insured persons to avail of all medical facilities from tie-up hospitals:

ESIC Hospitals have been dedicated to the treatment of Covid-19 where ESIC has provided prescribed secondary / SST / counseling/admission / check during that period. To make provisions for providing medical services to insured persons and beneficiaries from tie-up hospitals. ESIC beneficiaries can get emergency and general medical treatment without referral letters in tie-up hospitals as per their eligibility.

2. Beneficiaries will get medical benefit even after the validity of the Medical Benefits Card ends:

Under Rule 60-61 medical benefits are provided to the insured persons who are out of insurable employment due to permanent disability and retired insured persons on payment of advance lump-sum contribution for 1 year. In the present circumstances of lock-down, there may be many cases in which the medical benefits card of these beneficiaries has expired due to not being able to deposit a single annual contribution due to the lock-down. Therefore, such beneficiaries have been allowed to avail of medical benefits under rules 60 and 61 of Employees State Insurance Corporation by 30/06/2020.

3. Extension of deadline for filing ESIC contribution

ESIC has now extended the deadline for filing the contributions of February and March to May 15 as a relief to the organizers. No penalty or interest or damages will be imposed on the establishment during the extended period.

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4. Permission to purchase medicine from a private medical store

Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) beneficiaries have been allowed to purchase medicines from private drug dealers (chemists) during the lockdown and subsequently reimburse them by the Employees State Insurance Corporation.

5. Some ESIC hospitals dedicated to the treatment of Covid-19

For the treatment of corona-virus-affected patients and to provide medical services, some ESIC hospitals across the country have been dedicated to Covid-19 hospitals, which have given the country huge support by ESIC to fight against corona-viruses.

These are the announcements that are made by the ESIC to fight with this epidemic of covid-19 in India. To know more about ESIC keep follow legal salaah. 

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