Employee can easily get advantages from ESIC
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-31 11:48:03

Due to coronavirus, the situation in the country is such that people are afraid to move out of their homes, in such a situation, the number of patients inside hospitals has increased.

And those who are registered under ESI, they think about how to take benefits of ESIC. Today we are going to tell you through this article, how you can get benefits from ESI.

What kinds of benefits avail from ESIC?

ESIC benefits at a glance-

  • Sickness benefit
  • Dependents benefit
  • Disablement benefit
  • Medical benefit
  • Maternity benefit.

How to get benefits from ESI dispensary?

If you have any of the common problems like cold, cold, fever, pain, etc., then you do not need to go to the big hospital of ESI for this, you will have a local dispensary of ESI from where you can get these diseases. You can take medicines and pills, and you will not have to worry too much.

What are the required documents to get the benefits?

If you want to take medicines from a dispensary for common ailments, then you will not need any special documents for this. If you have an ESI CARD or E-PEHCHAN CARD, then take it and make a prescription in ESI DISPENSARY, and Get a medicine done by checking the doctor present there, after that, you will get medicines prescribed by the doctor over the counter and no fee will be charged from you for this.

How to get benefits in ESI hospitals?

If you are in need of major treatment such as an operation, delivery of a woman or any kind of major treatment, then you have to go to the big hospital of ESI, but for this, you have ESI CARD or E-PEHCHAN Benefits and other DOCUMENTS will be required with the CARD. Ask your company or employer to get it built. After that, you can go to your nearest dispensary and get “Form number-4" is designed for a large hospital where an employee is to be treated, and after that, the employee can go to the big hospital of ESIC and get his treatment done.

How can an employee get advantages from ESIC?

An employee can get these advantages from ESIC in this way: 

To get ESI unemployment allowance:

If the health of the person is very bad or he/she have suffered a serious injury to his/her hand, foot, or any part of their body and they are unable to go on duty, then, in this case, they are eligible for free treatment from ESI and unemployment allowance. For this, they will have to get the necessary documents from their company or employer from where they get their ESIC registration and submit it to ESI so that they will get unemployment allowance along with treatment even at the time of their unemployment.

Private treatment bill passed and paid:

Another great feature of ESIC is – if the employee is hurriedly treated in a private hospital by paying cash, then he/she can get this money paid by ESI. That is, they can take this money back to them. For this, they need ORIGINAL MEDICAL BILL for the treatment done in the private hospital, which they can get paid by depositing it in their ESI, though it is a bit annoying and they may have to pay for it too.

ESI maternity benefit to women:

If you are a female employee and become pregnant during your tenure, for this you are also given ESI MATERNITY BENEFIT by ESI, under which you will be given the necessary leave for which you will also be given unemployment allowance. And with this, you can get your FREE DELIVERY in ESI HOSPITAL.

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ESI Pension:

If an employee dies accidentally during his tenure, then his family member’s dependent on him also get a sum of up to 600000 as pension from the ESIC.

Many employees may not know that along with your PF, ESI, you also have an insurance policy called EDLI (EMPLOYEES DEPOSIT LINKED INSURANCE). Under which, according to the tenure of your job and your basic salary, your nominee or family gets a maximum insurance amount of up to Rs 6 lakh.

An Employee can get these benefits from ESIC easily with the actual and original proof of the treatment etc. 

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