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Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-06-05 04:17:48

Use of ESIC employee login portal 

If you work under an ESIC covered organization and are a shareholder of ESIC, then you must also think that ESIC has an employee login portal where we can log in and see all your details online, and then today we will give you the login of employees here, we are going to tell about ESI portal.

Where you can log in with your ESIC registration/ IP number and see all your information. ESIC employee portal link

What is the importance of the ESIC employee portal?

Importance of ESIC Employee Portal:

Employee details: Here an employee can see his/her information in which they can see: their name, their nominee's name, the name of their family members, address, employee date of birth, employee ESIC registration number, and much other information.

1. Entry for profit:

Here an employee can find out the characteristics of ESIC which they can take advantage i.e. they are eligible for skin and all treatments. This is determined by the employee service period and the longer the employee service, the more the employee will be eligible for ESIC facilities. In simple words, employees can see here what treatment they can get through this portal such as whether they can avail maternity or not, etc. Everything can be found through this portal.

2. Contribution Details:

Just as both employees and employers contribute to an employee's PF account, similarly, employees and employers also contribute to ESIC, The contribution detail is shown to the employee in their ESIC. So that the employee can find out that they have till now how much has contributed under ESIC.

3. Status of the Claim:

Here the employee can find the status of their claim online. so that the leave, maternity benefit, or treatment they have passed.

4. Update Aadhaar Number

Here employees can link their Aadhaar number to ESIC and it is necessary for every employee so that they can easily avail of all the facilities of ESIC.

1. Dhanwantri - Employees e-Health Records:

Here, employees can see the details of their treatment. They can see the details of their self or their family members through their UHID number.

Can an ESI holder change or update his/her details by login to the portal?

No, the ESIC holder cannot make any change by login to the ESIC employee portal. They can only link their Aadhaar by login to the portal.

How can an ESI holder add their family details under their ESIC?

The ESIC holder can add their family details by filing a form in which the details of family members should be mention and after this, they need to go to the nearest branch of ESI office to submit the form and then the details of family members can be updated and added by the office staff of the ESI. And also the employee can ask his/her employer to edit or update the detail of their family members. They cannot update by login to the IP login portal.

How to get medical benefits when an insured person is leaving for another station for a temporary period?

Through "On-line Aadhaar Card and Card Number" in relation to himself and his family members, the employee can avail of medical benefits nationwide in any of the ESIC / ESIS dispensaries subject to eligibility. However, to get this facility easily, Form-105 is required to be duly filled and signed by your employers.

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What is the acceptable benefit for family members?

  • Family members are entitled to full medical care as required.
  • Family members are also entitled to artificial limbs, artificial devices as a part of medical treatment.
  • Medical benefits are also admissible to the family during the period the insured person receives the unemployment allowance. If he dies during his period, his family continues to receive medical benefits to receive an unemployment allowance.
  • In case of the death of the insured employee due to employment injury, the widow, widowed mother, and children are entitled to the benefits of the dependents.
  • The funeral cost of Rs. 10000 / - Any family member or cheating person actually meets the above expenses at the funeral.

If you have any questions or problems related to ESIC or ESIC return filing you may ask directly to legal salaah.  

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