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Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-06-03 08:56:29

Right now due to the Corona Virus aka Covid-19, the Insured Person will be able to get treatment from Non-Covid Medical Services from Tie-Up Hospitals, who had informed about it, now some people think that if we have ESI Hospital or If you have a dispensary, then you know how to find it:

Find nearby ESIC hospital and dispensary

How to know where is the ESIC Hospital?

As mentioned earlier, the government has selected ESI hospitals for the treatment of Covid-19. And treatment in hospitals is for all insured and uninsured persons. Under ESI, if you are an employee of an ESIC covered institution, you get health insurance from ESIC, under which you can get your treatment for free, but it is important for you to know where the ESI Hospital and dispensary are located in the area where you live.

Find out from Umang App:

Where is ESI Dispensary and Hospitals?

We have already told that with the help of Umang App, an employee can get complete information about his/her ESIC, this app can be found by ESI, who have received their ESIC registration, which places of ESI Hospital or Dispensary are present around you-

  • For this, the user/ and the employee will need the Umang app in their Android mobile, if they do not have this app on their mobile, then they can download it from the Play Store.
  • Open this app and go to All Services and find ESIC's service and select it.
  • Here they have to click on the option with ESIC CENTERS and on the section of the office; the employees have to choose what they want to know.
  • After that they need to select their state and select their district, then click on the search button, on the next page, they will be shown the hospital or dispensary of ESI located in their state or district.

Know Hospital and Dispensary from ESIC website

  • Apart from Umang App, if a user or an employee wishes, then they can also find out the place of 
  • ESIC Hospital and Dispensary from the official website of ESIC.
  • For this, employee or user needs to click here; here they will be shown all the states in which they live.
  • Then an employee or user needs to select that state, after that the hospitals and dispensaries of ESI located in your state will be shown.

How can an employee claim for conveyance allowance and compensation for loss of wages from ESIC? 

Employees can claim for conveyance allowance and compensation for loss of wages from ESIC with Form-142 which is for the compensation for the loss of salary allowances and compensation of the insured person appearing before the Medical Board. This form-142 is provided by the Employees' State Insurance Corporation.

How can an employee claim permanent disability benefits from ESIC?

An employee can claim permanent disability benefits by filing Form-14 which is being received from ESIC, Ministry of Labor Employment, and Government of India. Employees should read the form carefully before filing for a permanent disability claim.

Can an insured person avail to get benefit in case of closure of a factory or establishment registered under ESIC?

Under Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojana the Unemployment allowances w.e.f. 2005/01/04. An insured person who becomes unemployed even after three or more years due to the closure of the factory/establishment is entitled to retirement or permanent invalidation:

  • The allowance for unemployment is equal to 50% of salary for a maximum period of two years.
  • During IP, ESI receives medical care unemployment allowance for self and family from the hospital/dispensary.
  • Vocational training provided for skill up-gradation?Expenditure on the carrying fee/travel allowance by ESIC.

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