ESI relief for employees during Unemployment
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-12 01:04:03

What is the welfare scheme of ESIC?

ESIC welfare scheme is “Atal bimit vyakti kalyan yojna”. Which gives relief for the insured person under ESI in this coronavirus crisis. Which was made for the holders of ESI, whose purpose is to provide assistance to those people after leaving the job.

What is Atal bimit vyakti kalyan Yojna under ESI?

Atal Bimit Kalyan Yojana  is a Kalyan (welfare) Scheme, put into action by the Employees Welfare State Insurance (ESIC) Corporation. It provides cash compensation to the insured when they are unemployed.

What is the relief given under “Atal bimit vyakti kalyan yojna” from ESI due to Coronavirus?

This scheme is beneficial for those people who work in the organized sector and his company deducts his ESI from his salary every month, then there is good news from the Modi government for that person. Now if for some reason the current job of the person is missed, then the central government will give him money for the next 24 months.

This major initiative has been taken by the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) for private job seekers. ESIC has tweeted about this. The tweet states, "Under the Atal Bimit Vyakti kalyan yojana", the government provides financial assistance to the person, when he leaves his job.

For some reason, leaving his employment does not mean the loss of his income. "

ESIC pays you a monthly cash amount for 24 months in case of permanent disability due to involuntary loss of employment or non-employment injury.

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How to avail of welfare scheme of ESIC?

In times of the Corona crisis, many jobs are in crisis. In such a situation, if an insured person's job goes away, then he/she should take advantage of this scheme. However, for this, he/she has to register for the Atal Bimit vyakti kalyan yojna of ESIC. You can download the form of Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana by visiting the website of ESIC.

Peoples can also click on this link to download the form 

What to do after filing this Form?

  • After filling this form, the person will have to submit it to a nearby branch of ESIC. Along with this form, a non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.20
  • After this, forms will be submitted from AB-1 to AB-4. To apply for the Atal bimit vykati kalyan yojna, the Modi government is also going to start an online facility soon.
  • For more information, visit the official website of ESIC ( A person having ESI registration can avail of this scheme only once. Legal Salah provides holders with all information related to medical benefits and ESI return filings, to know about the services of Legal Salah, visit the official website or contact us on this number 8766393412 to participate in our services.

Who will not get the benefit of this scheme?

1. If a person is thrown out due to wrong conduct, he will be of no benefit.
2. If a person is guilty or does any criminal activity from which a case is filed against the person.
3. If you take voluntary retirement (VRS) then you will not get the benefit of this scheme.

Other relief:

The government also change the Treatment rules 

ESIC has made the rules of super-specialty treatment even easier than before. Previously, it was necessary to have at least 2 years in the job, which has now reduced to just 6 months. To avail of this, the status of the contribution of the amount has been reduced to 78 days.

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