Medical Relaxation for ESI holders during Lockdown
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-01 01:24:53

Who can use the ESI scheme?

If a person's salary is up to 21 thousand rupees a month and he uses the ESI scheme, then the scheme is helpful for these individuals. Due to the lockdown, many companies have not been able to contribute to ESIC, yet the person registering ESI does not have to worry.

What announcements made by the government of the ESIC scheme?

The government has made several announcements of the ESIC scheme because of the lockdown.

Due to the lockdown, companies that have not submitted ESIC annual contributions for their employees, yet the medical facilities of the employees of that company will not be stopped. Employees will continue to receive medical services till June 30.

What to do if the ESI card expired during a lockdown?

Use of ESIC card

Employees who have ESI registration can get an ESIC card for the health service. It renews every year. Even, if the ESI holder card has expired during this period, all medical services will continue to be available. Medical service can also be availed till June 30 on expire card.

What date is given by the government for the relaxation in this covid 19 lockdown?

The central government has announced to continue all medical services for employees till June 30, 2020, despite employees not making annual lump sum contributions to the ESI scheme.

If an ESI holder not able to visit ESI hospitals then what can he do?

Treatment in private hospitals

If a person is not able to go to ESIC Hospital for treatment due to lockdown, then there is no need to worry. ESIC has affix with several private hospitals. The list of these hospitals can be obtained from the ESIC website. Employees will also be able to get treatment easily in these hospitals.

IF the ESI holder not able to visit ESI dispensary then what can he do?

Use of private medical store

One of the major incentives that the government has given to ESIC cardholders is to buy medicines from private medical stores. If the ESI holders are unable to go to ESIC dispensary due to lockdown, then they can buy medicine from any medical store near you. Later these bills of the medical store can be claimed.

What relief has the government given to companies?

Companies’ relief

The government has also given relief to companies along with employees in this matter. The government has extended the date for companies to contribute to ESIC.

Which employees are covered under ESI?

Let us tell you those employees whose salary is 21 thousand rupees monthly or less have been included in the ESI scheme. And at least 10 employees work in the company. Earlier this limit was 15 thousand rupees. In February, 11.56 lakh new members were added to the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) Social Security Scheme.

For any query or more information related to ESI registration and ESI return filing contact on the given number +91 8766393412.

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