How long it will take to register a PVT LTD Company
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-03-15 09:04:36

To know how long it takes to register a private limited company, we must first focus on the actual business days required at each stage of the company incorporation process and the practical difficulties encountered during the process.
First step:
Private limited company registration begins with obtaining a Director Identification Number and ends with obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation.
Second step:
Before commencing the process of company registration in India, each and the proposed director requires a DSC (digital signature certificate). The DSN is required to apply for a DIN and file other required documents with the state ROC.
Third step:
How long it will take to register a private limited company?
  • At the time of Pvt. Limited Company registration in India will take two days to get a digital signature certificate
  • After DSC they are Receiving Director Identification Number or DIN in 1 day
  • The Name approval for the company will take at least 3 days
  • And the main and last Company registration will take five days to get the company registration.
  • The total counted time to register a private limited company is 11 days completely.
Please note these important points
  1. DIN: It will take not a long time you may get a DIN as it is done online with the approval of a Chartered Accountant or Cost Accountant or Company Secretary. After submitting the photo in .jpeg format and documents for identity proof, address proof, and affidavit, the DIN can be approved immediately by these professionals.
  2. The actual delay in company registration in India results in obtaining a certificate of name approval and registration.
  3. Step approvers in name approval require 6 alternate names in order of preference for approval. Based on this approval, the next step i.e. it will begin the company registration process.
  4. Promoters have to adopt different criteria when applying for a company name. We suggest that you consult a chartered accountant or CS before selecting names for your company to help you.
  5. If you have followed the rules and provisions of the company properly then in 2013 the name of the company will be approved within 3-4 workdays otherwise it will be sent to resume and the process will be delayed.
  6. Suppose if your proposed name is similar to the name of an existing company like Hike, Samsung, Nike or any other registered company, it cannot be approved unless you get a no-objection certificate from that company. Goes with which it resembles.
  7. Time to apply for final registration, once your desired name is approved. The final registration process will take no more than 3-5 business days to obtain a certificate of incorporation.
  8. The actual delay in the final stage results in wrong/incorrect-drafting of the articles of association, memorandum of association, and other documents required for incorporation.
  9. If everything is found to be correct, the certificate of incorporation may be approved or delayed within 3-5 business working days.
  10. Based on some unavoidable circumstances to consider and practical difficulties one may assume that the company registration process in India will take no more than 15–16 business days in India.

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