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How to reach vital services on the new/upgraded MCA website?

The shortcuts to access primary and ancillary services have been provided on the Homepage as cards.

Step 1: Down the scroll for the 6 elementary cards of service which is below the banner image. The following services can be accessed: –

  • Register your Company
  • Company Forms Downloads
  • Close your Company
  • Register your LLP
  • LLP Forms Downloads
  • Close your LLP

Step 2: The registration holder can choose and select any of the services/cards to know the above and available for these services. Hence, the process of e-forms filing is the same as before, there has been no change in the filing process.

Step 3:Go down to twelve Frequently used services cards that have been shown below the ticker.

 Step 4: The user can use <> arrows to scroll through and select the required service.

You can access these services directly

  • E-Books
  • Name Reservation – Company
  • Name Reservation – LLP
  • DIR 3 KYC
  • Track Transaction Status
  • View Public Documents
  • View Company/ LLP Master Data
  • Associate DSC
  • Update DSC
  • Enquire Fee
  • Independent Director/ Databank Registration
  • E-Auction

Step 5: User will be Go and present on the Home page at login For services cards with a lock icon on top. For foliage in absentia a lock icon, the holder will be wend to the service page.

Step 6: Alternatively, all these services can be accessed from Home -> MCAServices.

Step 7: All other MCA services can be accessed from home -> MCA services

Similar to the previous website version.

How can I access all the important updates and information on the new MCA website?

 Important information and shortcuts of information are provided on the home page.

Step 1: Scroll down to the 'Notifications & Updates' section on the homepage

Step 2: Click on any of the following tabs to access the relevant documents/messages

  • What's new
  • Latest news
  • Important Updates
  • Video
  • Notices and Circulars
  • Recent report
  • Quotations and Tenders
  • Press release
  • Vacancies

Step 3: Search by content by typing relevant keywords on the sectional search bar to be provided.

Step 4: The user can select the date range from the date icon to limit the search of documents

Step 5: Users can scroll through the section to view the latest documents

Step 6: Clicking on 'view more' will enable the user to view all the documents present in each section

Step 7: Clicking on the download icon will download the user's documents directlySystem

Alternatively, users can download those same 'News & Updates' pages in quick links.

Step 8: All the informational pages of the MCA website are arranged together as 'Information Corner'. Shortcuts to the following pages have been provided -

  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Employee Corner
  • Annual Report
  • Parliament Questions and Assurances
  • Information on company deposits
  • Arbitration and Conciliation Panel
  • Corporate Service Center

All other information related to the website documents can be accessed through the pages like data and reports, contact us.

How to take registration on MCA -21 v3  for private limited?

The process of taking company registration for a private limited company is still the same and You can take the service from the service provider who helps you to get your company incorporation services easily.

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