How to apply for E-shram card?
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-10-28 11:57:58

What is e-Shram Card?

E-Shram Card is a unique card given to the workers of the unorganized sector of the country, in which they will have a 12-digit Universal Account Number. The name of the laborer, his father's name, date of birth, and gender will be printed on the front side of the e-shram card. The back section will contain the type of workspace, current address, contact number, and QR code. Under this, the benefits of social security schemes will be extended to about 40 crore unorganized laborers of the country.

Purpose of the database of e-Shram card

  • Helping workers to develop their skills and find work opportunities.
  • In disasters, through DBT, the assistance amount to the workers directly in the bank accounts.
  • To reach the benefits of social security schemes to the workers of the unorganized sector.

There are some conditions for applying for e-Shram card.

Conditions for E Shram Card

  • The age of the worker should be between 16 to 60 years.
  • The worker should not be an income taxpayer.
  • Should not be a member of EPFO ??and ESIC.

What are the documents required for making e-Shram card?

Documents required for making e Shram Crad:

  • Aadhar card
  • Aadhar linked mobile number
  • Bank account details

Where will the registration on the e-Shram Portal take place?

  • Self-registration by unorganized workers.
  • Registration through Common Service Centre.
  • Registration by the Regional Offices of the State Government in the districts/sub-districts.

How to apply for e-Shram portal?

  • Click on register on e-Shram.
  • Login by submitting OTP by entering a mobile number linked with Aadhaar.
  • The registration form will open in which you will have to fill in some information.
  • Your personal information, address, education qualification, scope and type of work, bank account details, etc.
  • After filling in all the above information, click on the check box and submit the registration form through OTP.
  • After this, your UAN card / e Shram card will be generated which you can download.

What are the benefits of e-shram card?

In the event of the activation of the distress workers for the e-shram card, such a situation may arise in the future or may take advantage of social security schemes. In live e shram card 2 lakh changed in changing time a new eye, a pair or a pair will change one lakh in case of disability.


Only these people can get e-shram cards made:

According to the guideline, this card is only for laborers working in the unorganized sectors, agricultural laborers, and landless agricultural workers. People of the unorganized sector whose age is between 16 years to 59 years, similar people can get this card made. Such peoples, who are the members of EPFO (who have PF Registration) ??or ESIC (who have ESI Registration), cannot get this benefit.

These students cannot make labor cards

Such students whose age is less than 16 years cannot make this card. Other students, whose age is 16 years or more, All such students can get this card made.


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