How to check status of company registration online
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-03-21 01:38:40

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is a government portal that details all the companies involved in India. It details all types of companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs).
From the ROC official site, you can check the company registration number, type of company, date of Registration, company charges, director of the company etc. The balance sheet and annual Compliance along with the other documents of the company are also available on the website on payment of a reasonable fee.

Process of how to check status of company registration online

There are mainly three simple steps to check the status of company registration online direct from MCA.
  1. Visit on ROC Main Website (MCA)

Go to the main website of ROC which is called MCA.
  1. Now go to the MCA Services

After visiting the website select the section of MCA services and choose to click on the available option of view company/LLP master data.
  1. Submit CIN and Captcha

After doing all now fill out the CIN of the company and then fill the captcha code from the given captcha. And click on the submit button.
Note: You can also search for CIN by clicking on the search icon next to the 'Company / LLP Name' field.
The result page will show the following details-
  1. CIN of the company
  2. Name of the company
  3. Category of the company
  4. Company class
  5. Date of registration/ incorporation of the company
  6. Authorized and paid up capital
  7. Number of the members
  8. Date of registration/incorporation
  9. Company Registered Address and Email
  10. Property under charge
  11. Details of all the directors of the company.

What is SPICe Form?

A simplified Performa for incorporating electronically or SPICe helps the company to include a company with a single application:
  • Reservation of company name;
  • Application for allocation of company DIN;
  • New Company Incorporation And
  • Allocation of PAN and TAN of company.
  • The form integrates several steps that were previously in a single-form process and makes the process of company formation time-efficient.


What is RUN? is it necessary for company registration

Reservation of name or RUN is a web service that is used to keep a name for a new company incorporation or to change a name for an existing company.

What is DSC? Is it Mandatory for the company to file SPICe (INC-32) and RUN?

DSC refers to a digital signature certificate. It must be obtained from a certified agency that has been accredited by the government. Since the registration process is now online, all forms require a valid DSC. The cost of DSC acquisition can vary, largely depending on the certifying agency from where it can be purchased. To file the SPICe (INC - 32) form, you must have a DSC, however, you do not need a DSC to access and file the RUN.

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