How to decide a Name for a company
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-04-29 06:09:47

Name to the company:
Being going to start a company or registration of a companyfirstly you must go with its name. The name is considered so that your business can be recognized. Name is very important for any company, you can call it the face of the company in a way because it gives recognition to your business and by this, customers know your business. That is why every person chooses the name of his company very carefully.
Before placing the name of the company, you have to keep two things in mind -
  1.  First of all, it is necessary to register the name with MCA, then you should not choose any name from which it should be rejected.
  2.  Second, if you want to make your company name a trade mark, then you have to think of your name differently. So that no other person can use your company name after this.
Name the company:
  • To keep the name of your company, you must remember the following things -
  • Your company name should be such that it attracts you and your customers.
  • Choose/select a name that is comfortable and soon to be recognized so that the mouth of the people will go up. Those who cast a spell on your customers and they remember the name of the company at the time of need.
  • Never choose long and difficult names.
  • Also, you also avoid such words, which ordinary people cannot understand.
  • Never use words like The and And in the company name.
Be creative:
To make the company name the name should be different from others, you have to be a little creative. You must be creative to choose a name for your company registration in India.only then you are able to choose a name that can be liked by everyone. For this, remember the things happening around you and see which name lives on people's tongues.Or see what people want to get around them. Decide on the basis of that and keep the name of your company. You should not copy those people who make their name the name of the company to make their company look like their own. Keep in mind that you have opened for the company logo, then you should also keep the name according to the choice of the people.
When you sit down to choose the name of your company, you come across not one, but many names. You gather them and search on the net. You can see which name can come in more discussion and which name has more search. You choose one of these names on the basis of that. If you want, you can take help of your family, your friend or any other businessman in choosing the name.
After the name selection, you should register your name and also make a proper mark for it. This makes the company's name even more beautiful, as well as provides a basis for its identity.

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