How to earn with kismis making business
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-12-04 02:49:11

How to earn with kismis making business?

Talking about today’s time, the choice of people is changing day by day. Talking about kismis, it is used in sweets, and many sweets. And there is no dearth of sweetness in it, so if someone wants to bring more energy during work time, then you should use kismis only. Many sweet making companies have also started using it in their sweets. Because of this, its demand is increasing. If you start a business in today’s time, then you can earn good profit from it. In today’s time, if we talk about it, then kismis is available in the market at very high prices. So in today’s post, you will know how to start the business of making raisins i.e. kismis.

In today’s time, if you are thinking of starting this business, then how do you process it and market it. It is very important to know this. There will be a need to create a consensus for this industry. You will get complete information about it in this post.

Raw material for making kismis:

To make kismis, you will need raw material only raw grapes. You will have to buy good quality grapes from the market. Do not take over ripe grapes. For this, sweet and good quality grapes have to be taken. You have to contact the farmers cultivating grapes in your area. You will find good quality grapes here. From that you can get these grapes very cheaply. From here you have to take grapes and after that you will have to process further.

How to make kismis?

If you want to make kismis from grapes, then you have to first lick the good quality grapes you have bought. Bad and broken grapes will have to be thrown out from it. After that you have to put it on the side. And after that you will need a pan, through this you will have to heat that water by taking water in it and after that you will have to put the grapes near you in a little hot water. And after a while he has to take it out, for this you have to put the grapes in hot water only for 10 minutes. And after that you will have to spread it on a white cloth tray. And after that you have to put that tray where there is sunshine. In this, you have to put a white cloth over the grapes in the tray and after that you have to keep it in the sun for a day. And this is what you have to do until it becomes kismis of that grape. You can do the same process if you want to do big money. For that you will need big avajaro.

Kismis making machine

If you are thinking of starting this business on a small scale, then come, no machine will be required for this. But if you want to do it on a large scale, then come for it. Multiple machines will be required. Like a machine for licking grapes. And to boil the grapes, a boiler, and a big tray will be needed. You have to setup its entire plant.

Kismis packing            

By packing kismis, you need to sell it in the market. In this you will need small and big pockets. And you have to pack it in pocket like 10 gm, 50 gm, 100 gm, 500 gm, 1 kg. You can pack it and sell it in the market.

Marketing of kismis dry fruit demand in market.

To sell any product in the market, you have to see what is its market price. After that you have to decide the price of your products from that price. In today's time you will find many companies in the market which sells in its pocket market. For this you have to work on margin initially. And for its marketing, you have to go to small grocery store, market, wholesale market and sell it here.

What is the profit in kismis business?

Kismis business profit:

You can earn good profit in this business. For this, if you talk about grapes, when you take more grapes than the market, then you get them in cheap dams. In this, you get grapes for 30 rupees per kg. After processing it, you get ready kilogram of kismis. Talking about it at a time, pav kg (250 g) of kismis is sold for 150 kg. That is, you get 100 rupees for one kilo. That is, if you sell even 5 kg of grapes in a day, then you can earn 2000 in a day. That is, by earning 60 thousand rupees a month, you can make good profit.

License to start kismis making business.

There has some types of license required for kismis making business.

  1. Company registration 
  2. GST Registration
  3. FSSAI Registration

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