How to get employer PF Registration
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The EPF is a scheme under the Provident and Miscellaneous Funds and Provisions Act of the Employees, 1947. This policy is governed by EPFO which is also the client and the volume of financial transactions undertaken by one of the World's largest social security organizations. By practice, during the pension offered by the company, EPF is usually an asset to workers.

What are the Steps required for the employers to get registered under EPF?

  • A person will follow the following steps for EPF registration
  • Register the company with EPFO Check the site and enroll it with EPFO. There is an option called "Establishment Registration" on the Unified Portal homepage.
  • Read the User Handbook Click on "Establishment Registration" button and you'll get a "Manual Instruction." Before registering, a new user must download and read the manual in full.
  • Register DSC Employers already registered with the Universal Account Number (UAN) and password can log in to their credentials. This manual describes the method of registering an employer accompanied by registering an Employer's DSC [ Digital Signature Certificate]. The registration of DSC is a necessary precondition for a fresh ERF request.
  • Complete the Employer Details Tick on "I read the manual." Click on the following item "REGISTER BUTTON." This takes you to the new page on which you must fill in all the employer's information. It is mandatory to complete the fields marked with the red star (asterisk).

When we talking about Employer PF Registration, we advise that one must Register their businesses under GST. We have provided all the details regarding GST Registration Online, on our official website Legal Salaah. Visit our web page and follow all the procedures for GST Registration Online. Before that, let's finish with the remaining points of Employer PF Registration

Fill the following details with accuracy

First Name: First, middle and last name of the tax department should be entered just as furnished. Any variances on behalf of the Department of Income Tax shall lead to a denial when online data are checked.

Employer PAN: Once the employer PAN is entered, a message appears stating the employer is not previously registered. PAN shall also be verified as name and an online application is required.

User Name: The username of your choice can be picked. The system automatically indicates whether or not the same username is available.

Hint Question/ Answer: You can choose the hint question and the hint answer of your choice to help if you forget the password. After you have filled this in, you should complete the registration process and fill in CAPTCHA Code (characters are shown in the image) and then click GET PIN.

Mobile PIN: You will obtain your pin number on the same mobile number you registered with and then press "I agree to the above declaration."

Activate E-mail link: An e-mail connection shall be sent to the e-mail I d to be enabled in order to allow the on-line registration of the establishment to be submitted.

What are the list of documents necessary For EPF Registration?

The set of required documents for registering with PF will differ according to the form of organization wishing to register itself as follows.


It's a must to have a scanned copy of your pan card.


A scanned copy of the cancellation cheque needs to be submitted by you.


The activity of the organization must be mentioned


In the case of ESIC exposure.


Implementation according to p.2 of the Directive Paper. List of companies and addresses for each branch with number of employees


Information, signatures and contract date for voluntary coverage with the employee


Of Establishment with proof


Description of ownership and relevant evidence


That includes Personal information used only in factory


Application of landlord and renter's data


Date, license number, issuing authority and date of production of the factory trial


Number of employees excluded, application date and the date on employees crossed the 19th threshold or the related threshold

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