How to start dhoopagarbatti business at just Rs. 5000
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-09-30 10:39:31

How to start dhoopagarbatti business at just Rs. 5000?

TheKhadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has been proposed an employmentgeneration program which is approved through the government to make self-reliant India in the production of agarbatti. The name of this program’sobjective is 'Khadi Agarbatti Aatmanirbhar Mission'. This program generate employment for unemployed and migrant workers in different parts of the country and to substantially accelerate domestic incense sticks production.

What is the starting price of agarbatti making machine?

There has many types of machines that are to be used to make the incense sticks. In which some machines areincluded likedryer machine, mixture machine and actual/main production machine. The price/cost of the machines for agarbatti making in India ranges from Rs 35000 to Rs 175000. The capacity of this machineis to make 150 to 200 incense (agarbatti) sticks in just minute. The price of automatic machine ranges from 90000 to 175000 rupees. 100kg incense sticks can be made by an automatic machine in a day.

How to supply raw material?

To supply raw material after machine installation, contact good suppliers in the market. To get the list of good suppliers, you can take help from people already doing business in any agarbatti industry.

Which types of ingredients are required to make/produce incense sticks?

There has some ingredients that are required for making incense (agarbatti) sticks:

  • Gum powder,
  • Bamboo,
  • Charcoal powder,
  • AROMATIC oil,
  • Flower petals,
  • Nargis powder,
  • Water,
  • sandalwood girl,
  • Cents,
  • Saw dust,
  • Gelatin paper,
  • Packing material etc.

Packaging & Marketing

Your product sells on your designer packing. Consult a packaging expert for packing and make your packaging attractive. Try to touch the religious sentiments of the people by packaging. To market incense sticks, you can give advertisements in newspapers, TV. Apart from this, if your budget allows, then create an online website of the company and market your various products.

How much time does it take to make incense sticks?

The time of making incense sticks may vary according to the machine used by you like if you are using automatic machine then you can manufacture 150 to 200 incense sticks in 1 minute. If you are building or getting it done by hand, then the time taken depends on the ability of you or the employee to do the work.

What is the total cost of starting agarbatti business?

You can start this business from your home easily. That cost comes like 5000 Rs. To 13000 Rs. If you make these agarbatti by your hands. But in other case if you want to start this business with the help of machine then the cost is going about 5 lakhs rupees to start the business. The raw material required for making the incense sticks and its quantity or the market price are referred to the manufacturing cost. That shows below:

  • You will need Charcoal dust 1 kg gram Rs 13,
  • White chips powder 1 kg gram 22,
  • Jigat powder 1 kg gram 60,
  • Sandalwoodpowder 1 kg gram Rs 35,
  • Paper box 1 dozen Rs 75,
  • Perfume1 piece Rs 400,
  • bamboo stick 1 kg gram Rs 116,
  • Wrapping paper 1 packet is Rs 35
  • DEP  literRs 135,
  • and Kuppam dust 1 kg is Rs 85.

What type of registration is required to start dhoop agarbatti business?

You will need 2 to 3 types of registrations to start dhoop agarbatti business.

  1. You will need a shop act registration t.
  2. GST Registration Online for a level business.
  3. If you want to start a factory of dhoop agarbatti then you will required to registered under company registration in India.
  4. MSME Registration

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