Important points in Company Registration process for Consultancy Company
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-05-05 10:32:25

What is consultancy firm/company?
Consultancy agencies are a type of intermediary that works as a middleman between the company and the unemployed (who need a job, and who want to change their job).
  • If a company has a requirement for a job, then they can contact the company consultancy agency.
  • Apart from this, if an unemployed person is looking for a job, then they can also contact this consultancy agency and can according to their merit, wish to join the job.
  • And also, The agency will also trying to contact with the company’s HR department to know the details of the job on behalf of the applicant. With this process they are trying to help the unemployed. This is mainly the job of the consultancy agency.
How do consultancy agencies work?
The consultancy firm can only selects the company according to its consultancy type and you need to contacts the Department of HR of that company. If any desire vacancy is there in that company, then the consultancyfirm should collects the required basic requirement for that vacancy (e.g. minimum qualification, experience, location, etc.) and the company's employment requirements.
According to the information, the consultancy agency creates a list of people who can fulfill all the needs of the company and according to this list, the consultancy agency contacts all those people and gives them all the information about the company.
If they are happy with the company and its post, then they also say yes to the job.And thus the consultancy agency interviews those people in the company. if the person is selected in the interview and he gets a job in that company. Then the consultancy agency takes a commission from the company in return for filling this vacancy. Apart from those who get jobs, a consultancy agency also takes some commission from them. In this way, the consultancy agency earns as an intermediary.
Information related to opening a consutancy agency/company:
If you want to open a consultancy agency then you have to do some important work, with this you can open your business successfully.
Important points in Company Registration process for Consultancy Company
1.) Type of consultancy agency
2.) Market and competitor information:
3.) Consultancy agency work experience
4.) Basic expenses and expenses incurred by the consultancy agency
1.) Types of consultancy agency/company
Many types of consultancy agencies are there, so it is mandatory for you to choose a particular type of yourself. Through which you can able to determine what kind of sector you have to search for people. And you can choose it through your personal knowledge, what kind of field you are aware of. You can choose your department accordingly.
There have many agencies working in the field to provide the jobs to the unemployed.
For IT departments, engineers, lawyers, executives, content writing, Hardware and software engineers Etc.
In any such department, you have a stronghold; you can open a consultancy agency for that department. Apart from this, also it is important that you choose a field which is more needed in the market and in which you can easily work without any hassle and without major competition.
Get company registration in India to start a consultancy company.
2.) Market and competitor information:
Before opening any type of consultancy agency, be sure to collect information on the following topics.
  • Which type of consultancy agency is more in demand in the market? In which kind of field there is more job vacancy and in what kind of field people want to work more, after observing all these things, you should make a choice as to how you should open a consultancy agency.
  • There will be more consultancy agencies in the market, which will be your competitors, so collect all the information about them and accordingly determine your measurement penalties. This will make it easier for you to compete with your opponent and you can make your move as pr your wish.
  • Against the opponent, you have to keep your fees, location, quality of work and market promotion strategy, etc. better, through this you could be move ahead of your opponent.
3.) Consultancy agency work experience 
Before starting any kind of work, you must have complete knowledge of that work, only then you can work without any trouble and give your opponent equal competition. There are two important points for this -
  • If you already worked in a consultancy agency yourself, then you can start this work easily, because you will have a good knowledge of all the points and you can able to handle with all the problems.
  • If you have never worked in a consultancy agency, then in this situation you can make a person who has experience working in a consultancy agency.
4.) Basic expenses and expenses incurred by the consultancy agency
To open a good consultancy agency, some important things are necessary, through which you can open a company, which can also compete with your competitor and attract your client towards you.
  • In today's time, all work is online, so it is necessary to have a good desktop or laptop. Also, it is necessary to have a good speed internet connection.
  • Apart from all these, there are some consultancy ports, which are used only in the consultancy process; all these should be installed in your system.
  • Also, there should be at least one contact number, through which people can contact you on call. And it is also important to have your company register email address.
  • If the company is started on a slightly larger scale, it is also necessary to have a good employee who can meet the basic needs of the consultancy company.
If you start an LLP company for consultancy business then you also need to file annual compliance for both the companies. That you also said for LLP annual compliance. To know more about this wait for the next part of the article.

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