Procedure for Generating DIN on MCA
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-05-23 09:39:45

What is a Director Identification Number (DIN)?

DIN is a unique identification number to which a person is appointed as a director of a company, who applies under DIR-3 as per sections 153 and 154 of the Companies Act, 2013, an application about a new company Allocation of DIN to This will be done through SPICe at the time of its inclusion in IIT.

Who is authorized to allocate DIN?

Any person intending to become a director in an existing company will file DIR-3 and will be processed by the Central Government (Regional Director's Office (Northern Region), Ministry of Corporate Affairs). Besides, the person filling the form is appointed as the director of SPICe (INC-32), who will be issued a DIN by the approval authority (Central Registration Center).

What is the procedure for generating a DIN?

Anyone wanted to become a director in the company, he will have to apply for DIN (Director Identification Number).
Anyone wishing to become a director in an existing company who has company registration will have to make an application in e-Form DIR-3 for allocation of DIN and follow the following procedure:

1. Scanned Copy

Attach a photograph and scanned copy of supporting documents i.e. proof of identity and proof of residence as prescribed.

2. Not required physical documents

There has no need to submit physical documents for the DIN cell.

3. Signed and digitally verify

Form DIR-3 is mandatory to be signed by the applicant and will be digitally verified by the applicant to be appointed as an applicant by the full-time secretary or managing director or CEO or director or CFO of the existing company. The director intended.

4. Pay the applicable fee:

Upon uploading, pay the filing fee of EFRM DIR-3. Only electronic payment of fees will be allowed (i.e. Net Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card / Pay Later / Neft). e-form DIR-3 will be processed only after payment of the DIN application fee.

5. Generate approval of DIN

After successful payment, an approved DIN will be generated when the details of the e-front have not been identified as a possible duplicate in the case. Provisional DIN will be generated if provisional details are found to be duplicate. An appropriate notification in this regard will be given to the user in the message receipt.

6. Validation of eForm:

In the case, the description of eForm DIR-3 is found as a possible duplicate, the same is routed to the DIN cell for back-office processing. Upon approval of the form, the provisional DIN becomes an approved DIN and will be available for further use.

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Who can sign the e-Form DIR-3 and DIR-6?

The e-form DIR-3 is required to be digitally signed by the applicant and will be digitally verified by the company secretary in full-time employment of the company or by the existing company’s directors, CEO or CFO or managing director. It is intended to appoint the applicant as a director. The e-Form DIR-6 must be digitally signed by the applicant and certified by a Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Cost Accountant in a full-time practice or by the Company Secretary (Member of ICSI) / Director of the existing company. Which applicant is proposed to be made a director. Here, in this article, we discussed only the process of generating DIN for directors we'll discuss the precautions and documents related information in the further article you need to wait for the further article of legal salaah.

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