Process to register a private limited company
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-03-10 06:29:32

Now every kind of work has been done online. You can register your Pvt. Ltd. Company with MCA online. Build your business with Private Limited Company Registration
What is a Private Limited Company?
Company means working in a group. In which two or more two peoples can work together. If you also want to do business, then you should have complete information about the private limited company. Which will be given in today's post. Let's start with how to create a Private Limited Company and what are the benefits of a Private Limited Company.
Private Limited Company Registration Documents
It means a private limited company for a particular person. A private company can have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 200 members. The owner of the company is the company’s shareholders. This company is not listed on Stock Exchange. You can take a package for Private Limited Company Registration in India.
How to get registration for a Private Limited Company in India?
If you are registering a private limited company, then it is necessary to put some documents.
  • PAN card copy
  • Company's name
  • Passport size current photo
  • Business address proofs like- the electricity bill, telephone bill, tax bill, gas bill
  • Voter ID Card
  • Aadhar card
  • Driving license
  • Rent agreement copy
Step 1:
Director Identification Number (DIN)
Some steps are required to be followed for Company registration in India as a private limited company. Follow these simple steps to register your Pvt. Ltd. Company with MCA.
You will have to apply to the director number, this will be received from (MCA) Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You can make an online application of DIN on the MCA website.
Step 2:
Digital Signature
Organizations authorized by the Government of India, such as e-Mudra will have to get Digital Signature done.
Step 3:
Check the Availability of Name at MCA’s Website
Visit on official MCA website and check the available name of the company. The name which you want to apply is available or not available on the website.
Step 4:
Fill out the Form
Now you have to fill the Private Limited Company Registration Form. Go to the MCA website and log in. Then the E-form 1A is to be filled. Applicable a digital signature by depositing the required fees with it.
Step 5:
Draft the MOA and AOA for Company Registration in India
Now MOA and AOA registration have to be done. After this, Form 1 has to be submitted by the company from Service Request Number. To submit MOA and AOA, log on to the official MCA website.
Step 6:
Submit MOA and AOA
Annexure is to be submitted. You have to submit the AOA and MOA.
Step 7:
Submit (POA) Power Of Attorney
Now you have to submit the (POA)power of attorney.
Step 8:
Registered Office declaration:
Now the registered office of the company has been declaring in the given form no 18. There should mention the company secretary, directors and managing directors signatures.
After this, Form no. Along with the digital signature of the registered director, managing director, secretary in 32, submit their complete information in this form and submit it.
Rules for a Private Limited Company
  • If you want to start a private limited company, then it is necessary to know the rules of the private limited company. You can open this company only after knowing its rules.
  • Its first rule is that its minimum number of members should be 2. And the maximum member number should be 200.
  • One should not be less than 18 years of age to become a director of a private limited company.
  • It is mandatory to have all the necessary documents to register in the company
Advantages of a private limited company
There are advantages to registering a private limited company. Let us know about the benefits of this. If you open this company, what benefits will you get from it?
Benefits of Private Limited Company Registration
  • You are further told the benefits of the private limited company. Which will make it easier for you to register this company.
  • To start this company, it has at least 2 members.
  • There is no statuary meeting and no statute report has to be submitted.
  • This company can also borrow money from Debentures and Share Holders.
  • Private limited company also gets the benefits of taxes. The company pays corporation tax and evades higher tax.

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