Process of online PF withdrawal
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-03-18 09:18:28


Today we are talking about how we can withdraw PF money online. The government has uploaded the online EPF withdrawal form on the UAN website. Through this website, you can withdraw full or partial PF money. According to the rule, any facility related to PF can be acquired at home by linking Aadhar number to UAN.

1. How many types of PF claim for online withdrawal?

Types of PF claims for online withdrawal

  • For the final settlement after leaving the service
  • To remove partial PF during service
  • For pension after retirement
For all the above types of claims, you can get PF money without depositing the document. You can also transfer your PF after changing from one company to another. Online EPF transfer facility has been started from the year 2014. You only need to go to your employer (employer) when there is a need to change or improve your PF account. Currently, Aadhar data is being used to enroll a new EPF member in EPFO to minimize the conditions related to the data.

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2. What is the online PF withdrawal process?

The online PF withdrawal process is as follows:

It is very easy to withdraw money from PF. After going to the UAN website and giving the relevant information, the money gets transferred to your account within a few minutes. Let's know how you can withdraw PF money offline.

  • Go to the UAN website in the first step. 
           Its URL is (
  •  In the second step, you have to login by entering the UAN number and password. In the case of forgetting the password, it can be recreated. The password can be created again from the OTP registered on the mobile number registered in the UAN account.
  • In the third step check the KYC states. See if your Aadhar number is connected to UAN there. If Aadhar number is not linked with UAN, then add Aadhar with UAN. It is worth noting here that you can only link your Aadhar to UAN. Final approval will be given by the employer only.
  • In the fourth phase, UAN has to click on the dashboard. You will get an option in online services. Here you have both the option of EPF claim, KYC details, and nominee reading, etc.
  • On clicking on the claim (claim) option in the fifth stage (Form-31, 19 and 10C) will show. By clicking on this form, you can file a claim online.
  • In the sixth step, you have to certify the Aadhar number. OTP will be sent from the portal to the mobile number entered in your UAN. After inserting this OTP you can fill the return claim form. After filling the form, you can also get a confirmed copy in PDF format.

After fully claiming the EPF withdrawal, the EPF money will be transferred to your registered bank account.

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