Recruitment agency company registration process
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-04-30 11:43:59

As we talk in the previous blog about the part-1 for company registration for consultancy. Now the part-2 for company registration for consultancy is here. Read all about the part-2 and part-1 with the same and the previous blog.
How to choose an office location for a recruitment agency?
By the way, this work is usually done through online email or phone calls, but in spite of this, your office should be in a good location. You can choose the location in such a way that there is an industrial area nearby, in a well-crowded area of ??the city, a place that can be promoted easily. Also, there should be a place that should have basic facilities like internet facility, electric facility, good parking, water facilities, etc. Also, the location should be such that it can be easily accessed, that is, the address should be easy.
Initially, for office location, you can start work from your home or you can also take office on rent.
Registration of recruitment agency
It is mandatory for any company to be officially registered to open it; only then clients can trust your company and legally only then you get recognition.
You will not need to go around the government office to get the registration agency registered; such registration can be completed only by sitting at home. You should get your firm as a Pvt. Ltd. company and you should appoint a CA at the beginning, who will give you all the information. Do the following for registration and maintaining the company:
Choose a name: To choose the name of your company, you have to see that no one has ever kept such a name. And you should also choose a name like this, which should be remembered and also attract the client.
Take registration of Company: if you register your company with ROC such a (private limited company) then you will get the Company Registration. Or if you register your company as Limited Liability Partnership Company then you must get or register your company with ROC by taking Limited Liability Partnership registration.
Choose a domain name for a website: To create your company's website, you must also choose a correct domain name. You can choose any of the .com, .co, .in, etc. for the domain name.
Bank account and Insurance: It is also necessary to take/hold a bank account in the name of your company. It is also mandatory to get you insured so that you can claim for small losses.
Employee Insurance: Winners are also employees in your company, you must insure them. It is your responsibility to keep them safe.
GST Registration: In order to start any type of business, a license has to be taken along with a process like GST registration, but such registration depends on the turnover of the business. According to the turnover of your business, you have to get such tax-related registration according to it.
ROC annual filing: If you have any of the registration of a company then you will need to file an annual compliance.  You will need to file private limited annual compliance or LLP annual compliance with ROC on MCA.
Selection of recruitment agency team:
While choosing the team, it is important to keep in mind that you give an opportunity to experienced people, because it will make it easier for you to grow your business.
Recruiter: It is very important for the person chosen at this place to be experienced because such a person is helpful in leading the entire team. And because of their experience, it is easy to make you a client. Along with experience, you have to check their qualification, their confidence also, because these are also very important. With this, the recruiter must also have a good knowledge of the language.
Apart from this, you want to keep the winning people with you, they will have to see the same qualities in all of them.
How to create a client?
According to the type of your recruitment business, you should make a list of all the small big companies and go to the office of everyone and contact the HR team and talk with them confidently, so that they are attracted to you.
  • Once you meet the HR team, contact them all through email or phone call, they will be impressed with you and will contact you first when there is a vacancy in the company.
  • You can also use your experienced employees' contacts to create clients.
  • You can also contact the client through a social media account, specifically; a Linkedin account is used for this.
The business start-up cost and total investment
  • It does not cost much to start this business; it can be seen as a small investment business. In the beginning, we can estimate approximately how much it will cost, based on the following points.
  • If you have started the office from your home, then you will not have to pay any kind of rent, but if you have started the business at the place of rental, then you just pay the rent every month. The fare will have to be paid according to the chosen location in your city and town.
  • To begin a business you will need a system, you need to raise the cost of this for the first time and there will be some cost to maintain it regularly from time to time.
  • There will also be a need for electrical appliances such as systems, lights, AC, and fans, which will have to be paid for every month. Apart from this, the expenses of telephone and mobile phone bills will also have to be paid every month.
  • Apart from this, the expenses of cleanliness will also have to be borne; this is also a small expenditure of every month.
  • Apart from this, the expenses of business registration, licensing, and website building will also have to be borne, but this cost will be one time only.
  • Apart from this, if you have hired employees, then you need to pay their salary every month, but initially, it is not mandatory.
  • Apart from this, there are some small expenses, in which you can also add the expenses of job portal subscriptions and meetings with clients, etc. to your investment.
If we observe the above points, then the estimated expenditure of 1 lakh to 3 lakhs per month can be considered. And this can be very less if you start a business at a very small level. If you have very good business experience, then you can start this work on a larger level than this.
How to take subscription on Job portals?
This is a job-related business, so it is important to keep information about the employee in it. Therefore, it is necessary to subscribe to some job portals, because through these job portals you can download the list of resumes of your favorite candidates and contact them.
Subscriptions on the job portal are for one month, 3 months, or 1 year. You may take a subscription to the job portal according to your need.
How to do recruitment agency marketing?
In order to run a business well, it is necessary that the marketing of that business is done well because if no one knows that someone has opened a new company, then how will anyone contact you. There can be many ways of marketing, such as advertising in newspapers, distribution of templates, through AIDS on social websites, through advertisements in job portals, by making banners, through mobile messages, and above all, through Mouth Publicity. Get recognition soon. Therefore, if you do your work with honesty, then your marketing will be done in a very easy way and it will prove to be the most effective.
Marketing is an important part because there are more companies in the market and how much better you are in front of them. You can tell this thing only through marketing.
Recruitment agency benefits
Only after observing the total expenditure, we can estimate the profit in the business. Initially, we cannot say that you will make a profit, but once you become a good client and you have a reliable image in the market, then you will benefit greatly from this business.

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