Types of Form for Claim under ESIC
Hemlata Khandenwal / 2020-06-18 11:23:20

Employees State Insurance is a health insurance scheme that protects workers during medical emergencies. The employee contributes 0.75% of his salary for this scheme. Meanwhile, the employer contributes 3.25% of the employee's salary. The ESIC is an autonomous/ sovereign body under the Ministry of Labor and Employment. They manage the ESI scheme.

The ESI Scheme follows the guidelines of the ESI Act, 1948. It provides benefits for maternity, medical, pension, sickness, disability, dependents, and funeral, and imprisonment expenses. We will discuss the claims for all types of ESIC forms that are available and about the use of them.

#How many types of forms available for claim under ESIC?

There have many types of forms available for claim under ESIC:

  • Form 1
  • Form 9
  • Form 11 and form 12
  • Form 14
  • Form 15
  • Form 16
  • Form 19
  • Form 20
  • Form 22
  • Form 23
  • Form 24
  • Form 32
  • Form 142

These are the types of forms for claim under ESIC that know we’ll read about the uses of these forms.

#What is the use of Form 1 under ESIC?

Forms 1 are a declaration form. This form is used when a new insured person (IP) joins a company; all the details of the new insured person’s family as well as his details are filled through this form and given to the employer. It is also available on the ESI online portal for viewing. Keep a copy of form 1to reproduce it during an inspection or any other reason. After this, we will talk about Form 9.

#Which Form is used to claim for ESIC benefits? 

Form 9 is used to make claims for ESIC benefits like:

  • Sickness,
  • Temporary disability benefits, and
  • Maternity benefits.

The ESIC holder needs to fill the form 9 and send it to ESIC to get the claim for the benefits.

#What is the use of Form 11 and Form 12 under ESIC?

Under the ESIC the claim form 11 is known as the accident book of Insure Person while the claim Form 12 is known as the accident report from the employer. These forms are used at the time of an insured person accident occurs while working in an employer company, the employer has to fill these forms.

#Which claim can be done through Form 14?

The claim for permanent disability benefits can be done through Form 14 under ESIC. If an employee has an accident while working that disables him/her or becomes unable to work in the future, then this ESI claim form-14 is submitted to receive ESI benefits.

#What is the use of Form 15 under ESIC?

Form 15 is a form that helps in making claims to receive dependent benefits. If an Insured Person dies while working in a factory, his nominee can get lump sum ESI benefits through this form.

#What is the use of Claim form 16 under ESIC?

Form 16 can be used to make claims for the periodic payment of disability benefits under ESIC. If the Insured Person dies while working in a factory, his/her nominee can get the benefit under ESIC from time to time through this form 16.

#What needs Form 19 and Form 20?

Form 19 is used to claim maternity benefits and it is required to submit Form 19 to get leave during the insured persons' maternity time. This Form 20 helps in availing maternity benefit in case of death of the insured pregnant woman. Additionally, see this Maternity Benefits under ESIC get all the details for it.

#What is the use of Form 22 and Form 23 and Form 24 under ESIC?

Form 22 is used for claim funeral expenses of an insured person. The Funeral fund was raised from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000. Form 23 is a life certificate for the benefit of the dependent. Insured Person’s dependents have to give their life certificate to ESIC every year to get ESIC benefits.

This form 24 is a declaration form the dependent has to produce to prove that he/she has neither remarried nor is receiving monetary benefits from any other source.

#What is the use of ESIC claim Form 32 and Form 37 and 7A under ESIC?

Form 32 – The ESIC has an ESIC contribution record that the employer has to present to the ESIC. Form 32 helps to calculate the dependant's profit correctly.

Form 37 and 7A – These forms are used to as a Certificate of sickness and fitness for continued employment. 

#What is the use of Form 142 under ESIC?

Form 142 helps in making claims for compensation for loss of one day's salary and reimbursement allowance of an ESIC registration holder.

#What is the procedure of Claim under ESIC?

#ESI Claim Procedure:

To claim under the ESI scheme, the beneficiaries will have to submit the claim in the relevant ESIC form after filling it. All the above ESIC Claim Forms are available for download from the ESIC portal.

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