Why we required business registration in India
Hemlata Khandelwal / 2021-12-09 01:29:26

What is a business?

Business is a part of life. APerson do business to grow the economy. A way of earning such as sale or purchase any product is called business.

Who can do business?

Any person can do business. But some types of businesses depend on some necessary things. A person who is a person of India or out of India can do business by taking a simple business registration in India.

What is a business registration?

To start a business you will require to take a business registration. This can depend on the type of business. There have many kinds of business registrations to start any business such as:

  1. To do any business in the field of online and offline and you want to open a shop or any kind of business you must have to take GST Registration. GST is important to start any business.
  2. To do any business in a group you will need to take MSME Registration.
  3. To do any business in the field of food you will be required to take FSSAI Registration.
  4. To start any company you will require to take Company registration in India.

These registrations are required to start any kind of business.

What is the next step after taking these registrations?

After getting the registration you can start your business on your priority. But make sure your registration must be according to your work or business. After this you will need to fill out some regularity for your business.

According to your registration:

  1. That business who takes GST Registration will be required to maintain their accounts/records for GST Return


  1. That business that takes Company registration is required to file annual compliances.
  2. And the person who takes this registration must have to shown their income in Income Tax return filing.

What is the requirement to take a company registration in India?

To take a company registration you will need to follow the norms of company law.. first of all, you must have directors, shareholders, and staff in your company. And also there has some required capital of the company according to the registration.

What kinds of business we can do after taking GST Registration?

You can open a shop, showroom (grocery, clothes, footwear etc.) company of any business after getting the online GST Registration.

Is it compulsory to file these returns after getting the registration?

Yes, it is compulsory to file these returns as per the norms of registration.

What is the benefit of taking these business registrations?

There has many benefits of taking these registrations in India such as:

  1. You can do your business hassle-free by taking these registrations.
  2. You can do your business without any interference of any person.
  3. You can do your business in the eye of the government.
  4. You can not do the business in any wring way.
  5. You can help the government to grow the economy of India.
  6. You can save tax.
  7. You can build your goodwill in the market.

How can we get business registrations at a reasonable cost?

You can get business registrations with legalsalaah by visiting our official website at a reasonable cost. Even you can take all these registrations with legalsalaah.

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